Birds Fly South for Winter

But, wait…. we already live in the South…

Delight swirled around our home as we cuddled up and waited for the much anticipated Snow and Ice Storm of January 2014. It’s not like we see this type of weather often in Montgomery, AL. And, those of you who truly understand my fascination with the weather know I was 100% tuned in.   Our television stayed on WSFA for days, as I reported the progress of the approaching storm and school/road closings. Anyone who would listen to me was bombarded by an earful. No one was safe from my “updates”. I supplied them ‘round the clock.

But, thanks to my “preparedness”, we were ready. Bring on the snow. We had wood for the fireplace, s’more making materials, and a camera.  What else could we possibly need?

I wasn’t disappointed by the wintery-storm. Anne Helen seemed to love the snow! In fact, she liked it a lot more than me. Somehow, in the 10 years it had been since the last time I experienced real snow, I managed to forget… it’s really cold; it’s really wet; it’s actually better to witness from inside your house.

But the joy on her face made braving the cold, wet snow and ice so very delightful. She dominated our backyard and that of our friends. It was a great time. I would welcome it once a year.

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