artFUL living

Home decorating and furniture staging have always been a passion for me.  I feel a genuine thrill arranging a room. To me, the home is a fine package, furniture is the wrapping paper, and artwork is the little (or big) bow on top.

When my husband and I first married, we lived in precious little home in Mobile. It was my first time to decorate a house from top to bottom. The options seemed unlimited. I soon discovered that if you put those little felt pads under the legs of your furniture, the options actually were LIMITLESS.

It was common place for my husband to come home after golfing or drinks with the guys, to find that the den and the dining room had swapped locations. It happened with regularity.  To me, it was great fun (and great exercise, to boot).  To him, it was torture.  Turns out, he didn’t really enjoy the “thrill of the unknown” when he opened the door to his house.

Flash forward to nearly 6 years later…..

While I enjoy the occasional rearranging of our house, I get most of my enjoyment from the homes of my clients.

Commissionings are a joy! I appreciate your trust in me, as I review pictures, or take a quick tour of your house in order to build the perfect piece for you. It delights me to see the painting come to life, in your home.

It takes me back to a special, happy place. AND my husband thanks you for feeding my habit, outside of our four walls.

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