Artwork for Your Nest

Shopping for the perfect piece of artwork can be exhausting. I have been there. I know the frustration. In a way, it is how OneBirdsNest started.

If you know me or have read previous blog posts, you understand my passion for home furnishings and colors. So, I have no reason to expect that others wouldn’t have the same hopes and dreams for the finishes used to accent their home. As it turns out, most of my clients do.

In the months that have passed since I started the “art biz”, the majority of my work has definitely started to teeter towards commissioned pieces. And…. why not?! Who wouldn’t prefer a custom creation, unique to their own styles and colors?

The process is simple and comfortable. For those of you questioning how a commissioning works, I have dedicated this post to a few examples,spanning several states. The good news: you don’t have to be local. Between snail-mail and email, we make it happen.

Step 1: Reach Out. I can provide cost estimates for pieces long before you begin. There will be no surprises or sticker-shock here.

Step 2: Email pictures of the space you intend to fill and any colors you prefer/can’t stand… (we all have them).   Super particular? Mail me paint chips or fabric swatches.  If you’re local, I am happy to stop by and personally view the space.

Step 3: Point out artwork that you are drawn towards. It helps me shape your style and aesthetics.

Step 4: Watch your In-box. I will email you images of your piece along the way

Step 5: Express Yourself. Want to change something about the artwork? Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 until…..

Step 7: Approval!

Step 8: Payment by Cash, Check or Paypal

Here is how it has worked for others.

My home means the world to me. It’s my Family, my Retreat, my Culinary School, my Boardinghouse, my Cinema, and even my Night Club (on a good Saturday night).  It’s mine: my project… and decorated as such.

I would love to help you with yours, and draw my inspiration from your Home. Email to get started:

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