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Kelley and Maeci, writers and owners, of Montgomery’s Zelda + Madeline routinely share their picks for fashion, decor, and lifestyle products in the River Region. They have, so graciously, featured OneBirdsNest in their most recent publication. I am thrilled to be highlighted in their “Meet Montgomery” spot! Thanks girls, for this exciting opportunity to share my own artwork and styling. Montgomery is a creative city, full of opportunities. How delightful that you are helping spread the word!

Here’s the link to the entire article, in which you can register for a giveaway of my art.

Below is a preview of the write up. I encourage you to follow these girls on their blog site and on facebook as they share the offerings of the Region!

[Zelda + Madeline] Tell us a little about yourself/family. 

…Harrison and I find ourselves in Montgomery, my hometown, after a job opportunity for Harrison that moved us from Mobile. But, it was in Mobile that we established our first home, and I found my own style in home décor. Experimenting with furniture and art arrangements, in this house, created a spring board for crafting my own art pieces that fit my specific needs. When we moved to Montgomery, I was presented with a new home to establish as uniquely mine. Delightfully, this Montgomery home would foster and nurture many, many more dreams.

[Zelda + Madeline] How did you come up with the name and idea for OneBirdsNest?

I became brave enough to entertain the idea of selling my artwork, over wine with some good girl friends (one good idea out of numerous bad ones, I am sure). I had been painting for friends for years, but never in a professional manner. Promoting my art to the public was a big step for me- scary and exciting. I am lucky to have good friends and empowering family members who encouraged me all the way though.


OneBirdsNest is about home, which means the world to me. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, my home is my family, my retreat, my culinary school, my boardinghouse, my cinema, and even my night club (on a good Saturday night).  It’s mine: my project… and decorated as such. It’s my nest. It reflects me. I hope my artwork helps others in the design of their comfort zones, as they define their own nest.

Golden Age I

Golden Age I

[Zelda + Madeline]  Where do you receive your inspiration? 

My overall inspiration for OneBirdsNest comes from desire to encourage my daughter to pursue her dreams. Life is about taking chances and making your own happiness.

The artwork is driven color inspirations. I am stimulated by colors that speak to me personally, or the color schemes of my clients’ homes. Creatively, I am fueled by the endless ways to combine those colors in meaningful ways that intrigue the eye time and again.

The Color Movement

The Color Movement (I of II)

[Zelda + Madeline] How would you describe your design style?

My artwork and design is abstract in nature. When painting my own collections, I lean towards light, bright, and airy. Primary color choices are neutral and soft, juxtaposed to powerful design strokes. But, my style is ever-evolving. Color studies and commissionings for clients have pushed me to utilize brighter, more powerful colors. I enjoy the way it has stretched my breadth and depth of work; and, I find myself painting more and more collections in that manner.

Urban Perspective

Urban Perspective

[Zelda + Madeline] What do you love about Montgomery? 

Its potential. This is an exciting time to live in Montgomery. The future holds so many possibilities; and, I am excited to be a part. We are living in the growth of a creative city and I look forward to seeing what unfolds.

More importantly, Montgomery is my family and friends, and all the memories. And, it’s the city I will see through new eyes as my daughter grows up.

(All of the above images are available for purchase. Please see the “For Sale” section of this site for more information.)

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