Two in Review

The last couple months have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  For 9 months, I had been preparing for October and November… anxiously awaiting the many obligations and events that these two months had in store. There would be deadlines galore at the office, frantic painting in the studio, meetings, holiday market dealings, Halloween parties, Fall Festivals, Baby Showers, and birthdays of many loved ones. This I knew. It was right there in front of me, on the calendar. I would check off each event and “to-do” item, feeling a little tension ease with each pencil mark.

But, there would be a frighteningly vivid instant that would shake everything into perspective.  It wasn’t on my calendar. It certainly wasn’t scheduled. It was a moment that brought to life, the very real decisions and actions called, parenting. It also revealed a new side of me and a renewed sense of what is truly, truly important in life.

On the other side on this trying time was the celebration of our daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Surrounded by our nearest and dearest we documented the start of OUR cookie’s 2nd year, with HER favorites: Milk & Cookies.  It was just a backyard party on a Sunday afternoon. But, it was joyous. With a grateful heart we celebrated our strong and spirited two-year-old. The Lord knows our hearts are full of love and thanksgiving for Anne Helen!

And then, we rested….

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