My Favorite Christmas Yet

Sometimes it feels as though we travel through life in fast-forward. The holidays feel like double-time, fast forward. This (past) year, I made a promise to slow down and relish in the joys of Christmas.

With a two-year old at home, it was the greatest gift I could give myself.

It’s hard to express the priceless moments of experiencing Christmas through your child’s eyes.  As Anne Helen gets a little older, I know that this will only grow. But for now, this has simply been my most favorite Christmas.

It wasn’t just about the gifts or the parties. It was also about the quiet times. Cozy evenings of enjoying a warm fire in our home, alit by Christmas lights, are memories forever etched in my heart. When I think on those nights, I swear I can feel Anne Helen’s embracing bear hug she gives so freely.

There is always the tendency to be retrospective at the year end. In the Hawke’s nest, we recall 2014 as a year that highlighted a greater understanding of family, love, and God’s grace, revealed to us in ways we could never have perceived. God’s blessings are certainly abound; and, we wish them all to you and yours in 2015.







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