The Gifting Season

Wedding Gifts, Bridesmaids Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, Birthdays and Showers….

Spring seems to bring a plethora of events to celebrate! Everyone loves a good party, but finding the right gift can sometimes be challenging.

I, myself, have been in that situation many of times. I want the right gift: one that will be appreciated, one that won’t be duplicated, one that is affordable.

I feel very honored and touched when I am contacted for gift-able artworks. These smaller pieces of work are as unique as their larger siblings. They can be strong in color, neutral and serene, religious, or scenic. Colors are customizable, as are their sizes. Messages and bible verses may be added to the back, upon request. And, gift wrapping along with art records and title may be added.  Shipping to the gift-er or gift-ee is readily available.

It would be my pleasure to help you celebrate the loved ones in your life!


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