Biography & Background

Elizabeth Thompson Hawke, of Montgomery AL, is a self-taught artist, focused on studies of design composition and color combinations which infuse both excitement and serenity into their environments. Gleaning inspiration from her surroundings and life encounters, Hawke’s works are abstract in nature.

Utilizing acrylics, oils, gold leaf, and mixed mediums, she evokes fresh inspirations of color and visual insight. Maintaining an online gallery,, Hawke’s portfolio and online shop are hosted herein.

Her passion for home design directed her towards custom commissioned work in 2012, which is the majority of her large-scale works to date. Her artwork is featured in Residences and Local Business of cities such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile AL; Atlanta, GA; Nashville, TN; Raleigh, NC; Houston, TX; Washington, D.C., and New York, New York.