My Favorite Christmas Yet

Sometimes it feels as though we travel through life in fast-forward. The holidays feel like double-time, fast forward. This (past) year, I made a promise to slow down and relish in the joys of Christmas.

With a two-year old at home, it was the greatest gift I could give myself.

It’s hard to express the priceless moments of experiencing Christmas through your child’s eyes.  As Anne Helen gets a little older, I know that this will only grow. But for now, this has simply been my most favorite Christmas.

It wasn’t just about the gifts or the parties. It was also about the quiet times. Cozy evenings of enjoying a warm fire in our home, alit by Christmas lights, are memories forever etched in my heart. When I think on those nights, I swear I can feel Anne Helen’s embracing bear hug she gives so freely.

There is always the tendency to be retrospective at the year end. In the Hawke’s nest, we recall 2014 as a year that highlighted a greater understanding of family, love, and God’s grace, revealed to us in ways we could never have perceived. God’s blessings are certainly abound; and, we wish them all to you and yours in 2015.







Two in Review

The last couple months have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  For 9 months, I had been preparing for October and November… anxiously awaiting the many obligations and events that these two months had in store. There would be deadlines galore at the office, frantic painting in the studio, meetings, holiday market dealings, Halloween parties, Fall Festivals, Baby Showers, and birthdays of many loved ones. This I knew. It was right there in front of me, on the calendar. I would check off each event and “to-do” item, feeling a little tension ease with each pencil mark.

But, there would be a frighteningly vivid instant that would shake everything into perspective.  It wasn’t on my calendar. It certainly wasn’t scheduled. It was a moment that brought to life, the very real decisions and actions called, parenting. It also revealed a new side of me and a renewed sense of what is truly, truly important in life.

On the other side on this trying time was the celebration of our daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Surrounded by our nearest and dearest we documented the start of OUR cookie’s 2nd year, with HER favorites: Milk & Cookies.  It was just a backyard party on a Sunday afternoon. But, it was joyous. With a grateful heart we celebrated our strong and spirited two-year-old. The Lord knows our hearts are full of love and thanksgiving for Anne Helen!

And then, we rested….

Hello Washington DC!



Mintwood Home logo

Several months of collaboration fashioned a carefully selected collection of curated pieces, marked by their unique designs and size versatility in the home. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Mintwood Home, of Washington D.C., is carrying this exclusive line of Elizabeth Hawke designs!

Not in the D.C. area? No worries, they happily ship, just as I do. Check out the links below to see this limited line of art and view a short expose on the artist behind the works.



Get to Know the Artist

Mintwood-Home-Elizabeth Hawke exclusives

Shop the exclusive line of Elizabeth Hawke Designs at Mintwood Home




Stop in and check out all that Mintwood Home has to offer. Their decor is spot on, just as their price points are. I am honored to take part in the excitement! This is seriously exciting growth for a little ole Alabama Artist!

Thanks for visiting!


Art Reception 2014: Marks of Montgomery

YAY! It’s here… an event 10 months in the making!

MARKS OF MONTGOMERY: an Art Reception featuring Montgomery Artists Amy Lovett and Elizabeth Hawke 

Please join us this Sunday afternoon (November 2, 2014), for a joint Art Show of local talent. Amy Lovett and I will have new works on display and for sale, not yet made public. It will be a great opportunity to grab first dibs on these new pieces! (Below is a quick sneak peak of some pieces of mine that will be there).

Amy’s realistic artworks, combined with my contemporary abstracts provide a little something for everyone. Sizes and Prices range from the gift-able variety to grand-scale pieces for your own home.

With the temperatures dropping, our thoughts move towards the holidays and the many occasions to celebrate in your home and also celebrate our loved ones. If you are looking for that special piece for yourself (or a loved one), swing by and see us!

For the location, text: (334) 546-9010 OR email

Bring a friend or spouse! The more the merrier 🙂 We really  hope to see you then!

Marks of Montgomery Invitation

Preview of Works


Three CHEERS to the month of October!

THREE CHEERS! (Two , for-a-soon-to-be VERY special 2 year old +  One for OneBirdsNest 1st Anniversary)

As we approach Anne Helen’s 2nd birthday, I am reminded I am nearing the 1 year anniversary of OneBirdsNest’s start up. What a journey this has been! It has been more rewarding than I can express.
OneBirdsNest has rapidly grown. I’m not ashamed to say I am PROUD! I have been asked many times why I started this when I did. Simply, I did it for my daughter. Jump starting this endeavor was frightening. I hope that one day it can be an example for her- always shoot for the stars….You just might catch one.
At the onset of this new period there are so many fun things to celebrate!
First- a BIG shout out to the ladies at Ashley Gilbreth Interiors- who literally moved their store inventory to Auburn, AL for this week (Sept 25- Oct 5, 2014). They have decked out the show house found at 521 Berkeley Avenue. If you are in the area, check it out! It’s sure to be a must-see. I happen to be one of the fortunate artists to have work on display at the house. Can’t make it? Check our their soon to be launched, new website, where you can shop by room:
Here’s a review of this beautiful space!


In addition to a few other really special installs (to be announced soon), Montgomery’s Junior League Holiday Market is nearing! As the art gallery chair this year, I have been able to get the sneak peak of work to be on sale that week. Please come by! It won’t disappoint- October 16-18th at the Crampton Bowl Multi-plex. More to come soon!!
In the meantime, I am busying creating. If you have special requests for commissionings, please let me know.

Zelda + Madeline: Artist Highlight

Kelley and Maeci, writers and owners, of Montgomery’s Zelda + Madeline routinely share their picks for fashion, decor, and lifestyle products in the River Region. They have, so graciously, featured OneBirdsNest in their most recent publication. I am thrilled to be highlighted in their “Meet Montgomery” spot! Thanks girls, for this exciting opportunity to share my own artwork and styling. Montgomery is a creative city, full of opportunities. How delightful that you are helping spread the word!

Here’s the link to the entire article, in which you can register for a giveaway of my art.

Below is a preview of the write up. I encourage you to follow these girls on their blog site and on facebook as they share the offerings of the Region!

[Zelda + Madeline] Tell us a little about yourself/family. 

…Harrison and I find ourselves in Montgomery, my hometown, after a job opportunity for Harrison that moved us from Mobile. But, it was in Mobile that we established our first home, and I found my own style in home décor. Experimenting with furniture and art arrangements, in this house, created a spring board for crafting my own art pieces that fit my specific needs. When we moved to Montgomery, I was presented with a new home to establish as uniquely mine. Delightfully, this Montgomery home would foster and nurture many, many more dreams.

[Zelda + Madeline] How did you come up with the name and idea for OneBirdsNest?

I became brave enough to entertain the idea of selling my artwork, over wine with some good girl friends (one good idea out of numerous bad ones, I am sure). I had been painting for friends for years, but never in a professional manner. Promoting my art to the public was a big step for me- scary and exciting. I am lucky to have good friends and empowering family members who encouraged me all the way though.


OneBirdsNest is about home, which means the world to me. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, my home is my family, my retreat, my culinary school, my boardinghouse, my cinema, and even my night club (on a good Saturday night).  It’s mine: my project… and decorated as such. It’s my nest. It reflects me. I hope my artwork helps others in the design of their comfort zones, as they define their own nest.

Golden Age I

Golden Age I

[Zelda + Madeline]  Where do you receive your inspiration? 

My overall inspiration for OneBirdsNest comes from desire to encourage my daughter to pursue her dreams. Life is about taking chances and making your own happiness.

The artwork is driven color inspirations. I am stimulated by colors that speak to me personally, or the color schemes of my clients’ homes. Creatively, I am fueled by the endless ways to combine those colors in meaningful ways that intrigue the eye time and again.

The Color Movement

The Color Movement (I of II)

[Zelda + Madeline] How would you describe your design style?

My artwork and design is abstract in nature. When painting my own collections, I lean towards light, bright, and airy. Primary color choices are neutral and soft, juxtaposed to powerful design strokes. But, my style is ever-evolving. Color studies and commissionings for clients have pushed me to utilize brighter, more powerful colors. I enjoy the way it has stretched my breadth and depth of work; and, I find myself painting more and more collections in that manner.

Urban Perspective

Urban Perspective

[Zelda + Madeline] What do you love about Montgomery? 

Its potential. This is an exciting time to live in Montgomery. The future holds so many possibilities; and, I am excited to be a part. We are living in the growth of a creative city and I look forward to seeing what unfolds.

More importantly, Montgomery is my family and friends, and all the memories. And, it’s the city I will see through new eyes as my daughter grows up.

(All of the above images are available for purchase. Please see the “For Sale” section of this site for more information.)

Artwork for Your Nest

Shopping for the perfect piece of artwork can be exhausting. I have been there. I know the frustration. In a way, it is how OneBirdsNest started.

If you know me or have read previous blog posts, you understand my passion for home furnishings and colors. So, I have no reason to expect that others wouldn’t have the same hopes and dreams for the finishes used to accent their home. As it turns out, most of my clients do.

In the months that have passed since I started the “art biz”, the majority of my work has definitely started to teeter towards commissioned pieces. And…. why not?! Who wouldn’t prefer a custom creation, unique to their own styles and colors?

The process is simple and comfortable. For those of you questioning how a commissioning works, I have dedicated this post to a few examples,spanning several states. The good news: you don’t have to be local. Between snail-mail and email, we make it happen.

Step 1: Reach Out. I can provide cost estimates for pieces long before you begin. There will be no surprises or sticker-shock here.

Step 2: Email pictures of the space you intend to fill and any colors you prefer/can’t stand… (we all have them).   Super particular? Mail me paint chips or fabric swatches.  If you’re local, I am happy to stop by and personally view the space.

Step 3: Point out artwork that you are drawn towards. It helps me shape your style and aesthetics.

Step 4: Watch your In-box. I will email you images of your piece along the way

Step 5: Express Yourself. Want to change something about the artwork? Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 until…..

Step 7: Approval!

Step 8: Payment by Cash, Check or Paypal

Here is how it has worked for others.

My home means the world to me. It’s my Family, my Retreat, my Culinary School, my Boardinghouse, my Cinema, and even my Night Club (on a good Saturday night).  It’s mine: my project… and decorated as such.

I would love to help you with yours, and draw my inspiration from your Home. Email to get started:

Tickled Pink

For those of you in the Montgomery Region… Have you been to Painted Pink, on Mulberry, lately?!

You might want to stop in. I was there last night. Let me tell ya, they have some really fun clothes and accessories in store. Even better… they have a BIG sale going on right now.

I would like to personally thank them for the opportunity to install some artwork on their walls! I had a great time yesterday hanging several pieces and sneaking a peek at their cute, cute inventory.

Here is your very own personal sneak peek into a few of the pieces you will find on their walls, until they sell. There are gifting sizes available, as well as large statement pieces for your home.  If you are interested in purchasing, feel free to contact me personally or stop by their store and see all that Painted Pink has to offer! We hope you leave with all the special pieces you want to outfit yourself and your home in style.

Grateful hardly touches the thoughts and appreciation I have for so many who have supported my efforts and exposure as I have initiated this art adventure. There are many to thank (and more to come on this later…)!

artFUL living

Home decorating and furniture staging have always been a passion for me.  I feel a genuine thrill arranging a room. To me, the home is a fine package, furniture is the wrapping paper, and artwork is the little (or big) bow on top.

When my husband and I first married, we lived in precious little home in Mobile. It was my first time to decorate a house from top to bottom. The options seemed unlimited. I soon discovered that if you put those little felt pads under the legs of your furniture, the options actually were LIMITLESS.

It was common place for my husband to come home after golfing or drinks with the guys, to find that the den and the dining room had swapped locations. It happened with regularity.  To me, it was great fun (and great exercise, to boot).  To him, it was torture.  Turns out, he didn’t really enjoy the “thrill of the unknown” when he opened the door to his house.

Flash forward to nearly 6 years later…..

While I enjoy the occasional rearranging of our house, I get most of my enjoyment from the homes of my clients.

Commissionings are a joy! I appreciate your trust in me, as I review pictures, or take a quick tour of your house in order to build the perfect piece for you. It delights me to see the painting come to life, in your home.

It takes me back to a special, happy place. AND my husband thanks you for feeding my habit, outside of our four walls.

Elizabeth Hawke Designs + Cherche Jewelry Trunk Show- March 13, 2014, 5-8pm

Elizabeth Hawke 1

The PARISH SHOPPE Trunk Show was a SUCCESS! Thank you for coming out and supporting Wine Down Wednesday and my art! I really felt the love. Here is a little recap of that fabulous evening, captured by Holland Williams of Holland Williams Photography.

Holland did a great job photographing the event. Find out more:

Next UpJoint Trunk Show featuring Elizabeth Hawke Designs and the beautiful jewelry of Whitney Lee’s Cherche.

I’m excited about this one. Art is celebration of the pretty things- so is jewelry. Doesn’t it make sense for us to team up for a joint show? We think so, and hope you do too!

Whitney is in town for one night. If you are in the Montgomery area, please stop by to see us! Email or call for location information. New pieces of art, not yet on the website, will be on display, and you don’t want to miss this jewelry. Her aesthetic for vintage and antique jewelry is timeless.

To learn more:

Join us Thursday evening, March 13th, from 5-8 pm to shop the timeless antique jewelry of Whitney Lee's Cherche and handcrafted art collection of Elizabeth Hawke Designs. Come enjoy a glass of wine, some nibbles, and a little fun for this unique trunk show.  We hope you can make it!

Join us Thursday evening, March 13th, from 5-8 pm to shop the timeless antique jewelry of Whitney Lee’s Cherche and handcrafted art collection of Elizabeth Hawke Designs.
Come enjoy a glass of wine, some nibbles, and a little fun for this unique trunk show.
We hope you can make it!